Download & setup Kodi

Depending on what device you’re using, you’ve got several different options on how to install Kodi. No matter what, you can always find all of the latest versions on the official Kodi download page at: (shown below). Android users can install Kodi directly from the Google Play Store if it’s available on your device, or sideload the android app using the latest APK.

Download and install Kodi

For those of you that may not know what that is, sideloading an app is when the app is not available on an app store like Google Play Store, or the Amazon App Store. When that happens, you download the APK (Android Application PacKage) which will help you setup Kodi manually. Update: Check my tutorial on How to Sideload Android Apps for step-by-step instructions.

If you choose to go the manual route and sideload it, be sure that you’re using the correct version. Since Android can run on both ARM and Intel processors, there is a different version of Kodi for each CPU architecture. Since Kodi is available in the Google Play Store now, you probably won’t have to sideload it on any Android device you have.

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