How do I reset Kodi on Android box and Fire TV?

How do I reset Kodi on Android box and Fire TV?

Sometimes you just want to hit the reset button and start over.

That happens a lot in video games, but it’s also true for Kodi as well.

If you’ve had Kodi for any length of time, you’ve probably got a ton of addons, temporary files and other junk cluttering up your Android box or Fire TV that you don’t need anymore. Maybe there’s a bad addon that’s causing problems with the rest of the system.

I’m going to show you how to quickly reset Kodi and start with a clean slate by clearing the application cache and data.

Let’s get some terminology out of the way first…

What does Clear Data and Clear Cache mean?

If you’ve messed around in the Settings tab, you’ve likely seen two similar options: Clear Cache and Clear Data.

What’s the difference?

Clear Cache is normally used to fix small performance issues with the app itself. The cache is where the app will store some images or files that it uses very often so it doesn’t have to download them each time you use it. Unfortunately, sometimes these files get corrupted and cause the app to act weird or sluggish. Many times clearing the cache will fix these minor issues.

Clear Data is the nuclear option. It’s like hitting the reset button on the app. All the changes and settings you’ve altered or progress you’ve made will be erased. The app will act just like you’re opening it for the first time.

Do you need to clear your cache on Kodi?

Not normally.

According to the Kodi Wiki, Kodi uses several different caches, but the one we’re talking about specifically here is the application cache.

Kodi uses the application cache to store some minor default files, so it doesn’t need to be cleared unless there’s a glitch in the system like I mentioned above.

For all intents and purposes, you shouldn’t need to clear the Kodi application cache.

What if I want to start from scratch?

If you want to reset Kodi and start from scratch, that’s a different story. That’s when you’ll want to Clear Data in the Settings tab. I’ll take you step by step how to do it in the two sections below. The process is identical, but the Amazon Fire OS looks slightly different than the Android OS.

Remember, once you Clear Data on the Kodi app, it’s going to be as if you just installed Kodi for the very first time. There won’t be any addons or your media library. You’ll have to reconfigure them again.

In other words, be sure that you really want to wipe the slate clean before you do this.

How do I reset Kodi on Android Box (or Android TV)?

This process will work on both Google’s official Android TV as well as various Android boxes running Android 5.0 or higher. If you’ve got a different version of Android, the tabs may look slightly different, but the basic premise is the same.

The first step is to go to the Settings menu and click on Apps.

How do I reset Kodi on Android box - Settings screen

You’ll see a list of your currently installed apps split into three different categories: Downloaded Apps, System Apps and Running Apps.

Almost always, you’re going to want to look in the Downloaded Apps section. This doesn’t just go for Kodi. Almost everything you’re going to want to change the settings on will be in this section. You can change the settings for System Apps…but I don’t recommend it.

Once you find Kodi, go ahead and click on it. Also, notice the size of Kodi. In my case, it’s taking up 476 MB of space.

How do I reset Kodi on Android box - Downloaded apps

Here you’ll find all the different things you can manage for this app specifically. I’ll highlight what each means briefly.

Open and Uninstall are self explanatory.

Force Stop is used when the app is open and not responding.

Clear Defaults: As you’re probably aware, Android can have default apps set for various actions. For example, if you click on a URL, your default web browser opens. If you have an app set as default and you want to change that, here’s where you can do that.

Notifications: The app may send you notifications on your lock screen or status bar. You can turn those on and off here.

Finally, the Permissions setting can let you view and change what permissions the app requires. Warning, if you change the permissions here, the app will probably not function correctly.

How do I reset Kodi on Android box - Clear Cache

We’re going to be clearing both the cache and the data for Kodi. Let’s start with Clear Cache.

How do I reset Kodi on Android box - Clear Data

Next, we’ll clear the application data.

Remember, this will make reset Kodi to how it was when you first installed it – no media and no addons. Be sure this is what you want to do.

Click on the Clear Data button and the system will ask you to confirm your choice.

An easy way to tell that it was successful is the size of the Kodi app is now a fraction of what it was when we started. In my case, it is 136 MB, down from 476 MB when I started.

And that’s how to reset Kodi on Android box or Android TV.

How do I reset Kodi on Fire TV?

Click up on the Fire TV remote until you get to the top menu row, and then click on the Settings tab and go to Applications.

How to reset Kodi on Fire TV - Application settings

Under the Applications menu, you’ll find several options. The one we’re looking for is at the bottom, titled Manage Installed Applications.

There are fewer options on Fire TV and Fire Stick than there are on the full version of Android OS. You’ve only got the option to Uninstall the app, Clear Cache and Clear Data.

When you first click on which app you want to modify, the sidebar will give you some important information on the app like what version it is and how much space it’s taking up.

How to reset Kodi on Fire TV - Clear Data

In my case, I don’t use Kodi much on my Fire TV, so it’s taking up very little space besides the app itself. It does have some files in the cache, so let’s clean that out first. Hit the Clear Cache option and confirm.

How to reset Kodi on Fire TV - Clear Cache

Next, we’ll click on Clear Data to complete the process.

The next you open Kodi, it will be reset to the blank slate it was when you installed it. You’ll get a message saying that the library is currently empty and you should add media and addons to start enjoying Kodi.

How to reset Kodi on Fire TV - a fresh start with Kodi

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