How to use Kodi \ XBMC

Since this is your first time setting up and installing Kodi, I’ll touch briefly on how to navigate around the Kodi user interface, or UI.

Remember when I said earlier that you’ll hear the words “10 foot user interface” quite a lot? Here’s what that means.

The older versions of Kodi had their main controls laid out in a ‘ribbon’ along the center of the screen, and were configurable to a certain extent. Kodi 17 introduced a new skin (or theme) that aligned everything along the left hand side of the screen to match Netflix and Plex.

The main menu includes these categories by default: Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Music Videos, TV, Radio, Pictures, Add-ons and Weather. (whew. Try saying that in one breath)

Depending on the skin, you can sometimes add extra categories or hide unused ones.

Context menu

The Context menu will provide extra functionality depending on what screen you’re on when you click it. For example, in the image on the left I brought up the contextual menu for a movie – Wonder Woman. Here, the context menu gives us the option play the video, mark it as watched or pull up additional information on the movie.

In other screens, the options you see may be different, depending on what makes sense for that media type.

To pull up the Context menu, it depends on what type of device you’re using Kodi on:

  • Android: Long Press
  • Mouse: right-click
  • Keyboard: ‘C’
  • Amazon Fire TV: Menu button
  • NVIDIA Shield controller: ‘X’ button

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